Finding Connection in a Life with Chronic Pain

Today I want to share with you this recorded conversation that gave me the opportunity to dig a little deep and remind myself of the "WHY" in what I do what I do. Hear me talk about trauma, compassion, holding space for others and for ourselves, and what it means to find be your own resilient advocate.

This is a part of an interview series dedicated to living a life of presence, ease, and freedom. It's a part of the Slow Time Movement, spearheaded by Kristin Price Holistic Nutrition & Coaching.

Kristin's goal is to bring authenticity and "real talk" to as many people as possible to inspire them to open themselves up to living life as fully as possible.

Let me know what you think of our conversation. I'm interested in your thoughts!


You can learn more about The Slow Time Movement and Kristin's work here