Painiac is for people living with chronic pain and the awesome people who love them. 

Even though chronic pain sucks, it doesn’t mean your life has to suck, too. Join Shelly Jackson, the Chronic Pain Coach, as she openly talks about living with the challenges of chronic pain. Each week, Shelly will share simple and practical tools to help you reframe your relationship with chronic pain or illness. Are you ready to feel more like yourself and less like a patient?

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Join me for an update on season two of Painiac, and hear how you can help support the continuation of the show. Painiac the podcast is free and widely available to anyone in the world who has access to a wifi connection. My mission is that Painiac is, and always will be, a free resource for people who need it because more people need free, accessible resources for pain management, and that’s where you come in.

The Power in the Path | Season One Wrap Up

In this season one finale episode of Painiac the Podcast, Shelly reflects back on what we've learned, discussed, and shared in the inaugural season of the show. She also shares wisdom about what it means to continue on the path of mindful pain management and encourages listeners to commit to changing their relationship to pain. Be sure to download the supplemental Body Scan Meditation for Pain Management. 

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