Chances are that, if you listen to PAINIAC,  you feel strongly about our mission, our approach to pain management, and our commitment to changing the landscape of pain. That's AWESOME. Now there's a super simple way that you can help us continue to help more people. 

I started PAINIAC the Podcast because I am committed to providing a free, accessible resource for pain management. In my own experience I noticed how, as a chronic pain sufferer, options for help and support are limited. 

Here's what people are saying about PAINIAC: 

  • "This podcast is super helpful for anyone living with chronic pain. It provides advice, encouragement and concrete tools to make a real difference in managing pain and maintaining a positive outlook despite the challenges."
  • "Shelly is infectiously positive and provides smart, actionable advice for people living with chronic pain."
  • "I've actually listened to all of her {episodes} twice at this point and plan to go back to listen to them when I need inspiration. I really appreciate that Shelly is giving a voice to those of us who are largely ignored by doctors."

Why should you support PAINIAC?

Each month, we get a few thousand downloads of the podcast. That's awesome! We love that people are listening to, sharing, and loving the material we put out there. We want to continue to provide helpful content for painiacs, but it's a lot of work. 

That's where Patreon comes in. By becoming a patron, you'll lets us continue to produce quality pain management contentโ€”helpful tips on how to manage pain, ideas for self-care, interviews with experts, inspiring stories about people living with pain or illness โ€”and share it for FREE.  

Let's change how we talk about, treat, and respond to pain.Together, we can create a network of painiacs who are supportive, informed, enthusiastically determined, proactive, empowered, and self-advocating individuals leading lives of thriving rather than surviving. 

I sure hope you'll become a patron of PAINIAC!